Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Becoming a Motorist, Plus Expenses

Driving lessons can be a massive pain, considering the expense of hiring a driving instructor on top of the initial cost of a test, which is split into theory and practical, both with different costs of around £31 for theory and £62 for practical. The cost of theory and practical combined is already a huge expense, but on top of that you have to purchase your car; of which is an enormous cost and varies depending on the vehicle you desire, however it is the most important asset to driving. On top of this you have to scout around for a decent insurance company that covers you and isn't overly expensive. With consideration that the majority of learner drivers are under 21, which means they pay more as they aren't in a reliable age group of motorists. You also need a provisional licence which costs around £50; then there's tax, mot, petrol, all the extra costs etc. All together becoming a motorist costs an estimated amount of £2.5k+, however this varies depending on: gender, age, the quality of your car plus many smaller variables. Obviously this is a huge dilemma for any starter as generally most new car owners are usually around the age of 17 - 21, most of which will be on further learning and not have a brilliant income. This is a huge problem considering the fact that they can barely afford to be taught and become a vehicle owner, even with the help of parents; a lot of people won't be lucky enough to have parental coverage.
This is a considerably difficult problem and cutting any amount of costs is extremely important as you want the cheapest possible price you can come by. Looking into second hand cars; bought privately or through auction is a brilliant way to decrease costs plus a car with a previous owner may be a tiny bit less reliable but you will have in exchange a more quality vehicle. Searching in the right places is important and you should look around a lot before making your decision as it is stuck with you for a major amount of time, and with an unreliable vehicle you are more likely for it to break down and need repairs which could end up costing you a ton more than searching that extra bit and finding a much more reliable car.
Another brilliant way to cut down costs is to consider an intensive driving course; it's a lot cheaper to experience driving in bulk plus, it's faster and you have it out the way in a matter of days. This would be suitable for anyone who wants learning out of the way as quick as possible, whilst cutting prices and having a better learning experience. It is an amazing way to short cut your way through lessons plus it is much easier to assign a lesson, depending on where you go; whereas any normal driving instructor may take up to six months to have an appointment booked.