Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Windscreen Maintenances During Winter

Your vehicle is one among many things you should look after. Many people neglect the importance of cleaning their own car. What they do not realise is that a small accumulation of dirt or other elements can cause problems. Throughout the year, your car can take serious damage from cold weather, rain, gravel, dust, and other debris. Failing to give proper maintenance can cause accidents and expensive repairs to certain car parts in the future. Read on to know how to clean and maintain your car's windshield during the cold season.
How to Keep Your Windshield in Good Condition during winter
It is important to ensure that your windshield is clean on both sides of the glass. Many people just clean the exteriors leaving the inner part untidy. The sun and other natural elements like snow can cause significant visibility problems. This will make it difficult for the driver to see and may create optical illusions such as light trails or sudden headlight flashes. This can be very dangerous and normally results in many vehicle accidents.
Winter can be the most annoying time of the year to keep your car clean. Many people pour boiling water onto their window screen to clear and melt the snow. This is a bad idea because even if the ice easily melts away, the sudden change of temperature can cause the glass to expand and contract. This can cause the glass to crack or shatter into pieces. Try using regular tap water with normal room temperature to melt the ice. It will help to keep a can of de-icer spray and a window scraper for icy mornings.
Never try using your car's windscreen wipers to clean the ice. It is only suitable to wipe off raindrops and small debris. Extreme cold temperatures can cause the wipers to freeze and stick to the glass. Activating your wipers can cause them to rip or cause significant damage to your windscreen. If this happens, you can order new windscreens for replacement. Another important thing to remember is to set your wipers to their correct positions after using the car. Activating your car in the morning can trigger your wipers to return to their normal position and cause damage.
Some people use engine antifreeze for their windscreens. This is actually a bad idea as it can cause terrible damage to the glass and your car's paintwork. It is also one of the most dangerous chemicals you can throw onto the road behind you. This substance is more slippery than oil and may cause serious accidents for motorists or motorcyclists following you. Use bespoke washer fluid that has anti-freezing additives and is safe to use when you are on the road.
Heavy snowfall can cause many problems on the road. It is important to get as much snow off your vehicle's roof before driving. If not, the snow may slip forward onto your windscreen the moment you hit the brakes. This can obscure and block your view and cause terrible accidents. Even if you do manage to brake safely, vehicles behind you may not be able to stop in time.


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  2. In winter season it becomes really hard to keep your windshield clean because of snow and rain, make sure the wipers are working properly, you can visit an auto shop to check these things.

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