Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ways On How To Evade Rear End Collision

Rear-end collisions are one of the leading causes of traffic related accidents. Although warning sensors had been introduced in the market to help prevent rear end accidents, the driver's presence of mind and rationality will remain a significant factor in driving safely. Learning how to drive defensively and staying alert while driving is vital these days.
Stay alert And Be Attentive To Your Environment
Modern gadgets and devices take over the attention of many drivers these days. But each time you turn your attention to unnecessary things such as answering a phone call or text message, you are putting your life at great risk. It is important that you take driving your top priority when you are behind the wheel. Focus your mind on what is happening on the road. Keeping your concentration on the flow of traffic ahead of you and behind you is completely indispensable. You should not let any object or other activity distract you from driving. If you really need to answer a phone call, pull over to the side of the road before you use your mobile phone.
Forget About The 2 Second Rule And Apply The 4 Second Rule
Even if a vehicle ahead of you runs at a very slow pace, tailgating the car is not a solution. Brake lights on a car in front of you indicate that the vehicle is decelerating, but at what velocity is difficult to identify. If you see that the vehicle in your lead passes a permanent object, count up to 4 seconds. Your vehicle should pass that same object by the time you finish counting to 4. This can help you ascertain that you are maintaining a safe distance from the car in front of you.
Brake Early And Tap The Brake Pedal
Brake early and tap the brake pedal to help alert the driver at your back that you are slowing down. Braking early helps you maintain a secure distance from the vehicle ahead of you and it also warns the driver behind you that you are slowing down.
Always Use The Directional Switch
One more useful communication tool for drivers is the directional switch. This warns other drivers on the road of the moves and maneuvers that you want to undertake. Use this immediately to send your message to other drivers around you. Using the directional switch at least 8 seconds before you plan to do the turn is generally acceptable.
Don't Allow Other Drivers Tailgate You
If a driver is following you too closely, just maintain your composure and drive defensively. If a driver never stops in tailgating you, it is apparent that they want to drive faster than you. So, give way and let them pass.
Use Your Mirrors
Although it is very important that you keep your awareness on what is happening in front of you, it is also vital that you monitor the situation beside or behind your car. A defensive driver makes sure that they regularly check side view and rear view mirrors of their vehicle. Using the mirrors will help you see other vehicles in the road.

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